Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bolt Bracelet

recycled fashion

-- materials --

-- measuring tape

-- 3 pieces of 16 in. suede cording

--  8 screw nuts  (i use 6-32)

-- scissors

-- cutting --

cut your suede cording into 3 pieces -- each 16 in. in length 
(length may vary depending on wrist size)

-- knotting --

-- make one overhand knot on one end of each cord

-- now make an overhand knot using all 3 cords a few inches away from the ends, this is where your braiding will begin

-- braiding --

now start braiding tightly, when you get to a desired length start adding your screw nuts one by one in an alternating pattern.

-- ending --

once all 8 screw nuts are used, continue to braid tightly so that the beginning braid is the same length as the ending braid.

make another overhand knot using all 3 cords

add 3 more overhand knots to the ends of each cord

knot onto your wrist & enjoy!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Avocado House Plant

Dont have a green thumb? You will after these simple steps!



-- avocado

-- knife

--4 toothpicks

-- glass jar

-- cut your avocado in half & remove seed

--rinse off seed

-- have your toothpicks ready


-- stick toothpicks in top of seed distributed evenly across from each other creating a cross like pattern

-- place in your glass jar, making sure that your toothpicks are holding your seed up so that it is hanging in the center of your jar

-- add water so that the seed is covered 3/4 of the way

now wait a month, and watch it grow!

-- namaste.