Monday, January 21, 2013

Avocado Plant Update

Seven months ago I shared my avocado growing secrets with you
in my " Avocado House Plant " post. 
I have had many messages sent to me from different followers telling me their growing success & how amazing it is to watch their avocado grow!  These replies brought a smile to my face & sparked an idea for a new post: Avocado Plant Update !

Beautiful Roots!

My plant has been going through " growth spurts ." 
Sprouting new leaves & roots in spurts, my avocado plant has reached a height of 14 in. ! !  

It's newer leaves are much larger than its first leaf growth & I can always tell when it's about to grow again when the bud begins to open.  
It's recent leaves are the size of my palm or larger & have a soft texture to them.

I have added new toothpicks to the seed because they eventually become water logged & break.
I change my water about every 2 weeks & add nutrients about once a month.  

I have 2 other avocado plants waiting to grow!
I started a new seed last week & the other has just started to take root after 3 months
of soaking up the sun.  

I hope this update inspires you to start your very own avocado house plant if you have yet to try
or to start another seedling. 

These plants bring so much joy & life into any room.

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Keep on growing, sustainably of course !


Friday, January 18, 2013

Diy Coffee Mug

Here is a quick & easy way to UP-cycle those plain coffee mugs
found at any local thrift shop!

This is a great project for all ages & a thoughtful gift that any tea / coffee drinker will LOVE !!


-- Sharpie --

-- Coffee Mug --

Thats It !

Get Creative !

1) Make any design you wish onto the mug using your Sharpie.  I found that the regular size Sharpie's work the best compared to the oversized or smaller tip.

2) Set your oven to 350 degrees & let your mugs " bake " for about 30 minutes.

3) Your designs will set into your mugs as they heat & your personalized gifts will be ready for use in no time!

To keep this craft as sustainable as possible, try finding mugs at local thrift stores to help 
support local businesses & help recycle. 

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Keep on crafting, sustainably of course.