Monday, January 21, 2013

Avocado Plant Update

Seven months ago I shared my avocado growing secrets with you
in my " Avocado House Plant " post. 
I have had many messages sent to me from different followers telling me their growing success & how amazing it is to watch their avocado grow!  These replies brought a smile to my face & sparked an idea for a new post: Avocado Plant Update !

Beautiful Roots!

My plant has been going through " growth spurts ." 
Sprouting new leaves & roots in spurts, my avocado plant has reached a height of 14 in. ! !  

It's newer leaves are much larger than its first leaf growth & I can always tell when it's about to grow again when the bud begins to open.  
It's recent leaves are the size of my palm or larger & have a soft texture to them.

I have added new toothpicks to the seed because they eventually become water logged & break.
I change my water about every 2 weeks & add nutrients about once a month.  

I have 2 other avocado plants waiting to grow!
I started a new seed last week & the other has just started to take root after 3 months
of soaking up the sun.  

I hope this update inspires you to start your very own avocado house plant if you have yet to try
or to start another seedling. 

These plants bring so much joy & life into any room.

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Keep on growing, sustainably of course !


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