Saturday, March 30, 2013

Diy Patchwork Denim Jacket

I've noticed denim jackets with different navajo inspired prints popping up in almost every store lately.

Every time I see one I get inspired by the idea & always have one of those 
"I can make that!"  moments.

Well I finally put that moment to the test, sustainably of course!

My hometown's awesome thrift store had their annual 1$ clothing sale when you

donate 1$ to the Open Door Food Pantry.

Helping support such wonderful local businesses while thrift shopping has my name all over it, what can be better than that!?

This easy Do It Yourself tutorial 

cost me a total of $ 2 & took about 30 min to make:

so dust off those sewing machines & lets get craftin',

sustainably of course.

spring time lovin
-- scissors --
-- recycled denim jacket --
-- recycled printed shirt --
-- marker --
-- thread --
-- sewing machine --

up-cycle step 1:

wash all thrift store finds before starting any sewing project & iron all materials.

lay out your printed material on top  of your denim jacket
make sure to place the pattern exactly how you want it to be shown on the back of the jacket.

using a marker, outline  the outer seam of the yolk onto your printed material.

outside seam of yolk

up-cycle step 2:

cut out the printed material so that is a little bit longer than the outside seam of the yolk:
this will give you some extra seam allowance

pin materials together

pin fabrics
seam allowance
up-cycle step 3:

time to get stitchin' :
dust that old sewin machine off & give it some love !

start sewing along the inside seam of the yolk, guiding the needle along this inside edge

before you know it, your jacket will look like this !

sew sew sew
up-cycle step 4:

now it's time to break out those scissors:

cut along the edges of your seam allowance.

you can cut as close to the seam as you'd like.

I left a little extra fabric so that I could fray  the edges by rubbing my nail along the fabric like so:

up-cycle step 5:

your jacket is complete !

if you are feeling really crafty  you can follow these same steps for a front pocket

sustainably craftin
I hope this DIY  tutorial has inspired you to continue to craft, sew,  & be merry

remember: by recycling clothing you are helping our planet  & saving 400 gallons of water.
That's right. It takes 400 gallons  of water to produce ONE cotton t- shirt.

so go support your local  thrift shop, you never know what may inspire  you !

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Keep on craftin' , sustainably of course.


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