Sunday, July 1, 2012

Organically Independent

Why not celebrate the 4th organically & creatively!?

This quick & easy recipe is a healthy addition to any BBQ that friends & family will LOVE!

CAUTION: will be gone before ya know it ! ! !

-- ingredients --

1 pack of organic strawberries

1 pack of organic blueberries

4 organic bananas

15 kabob skewers

-- set up --

prepare your fruits by washing and cutting properly

I cut the strawberries horizontally, getting about 3 pieces each strawberry, then cutting each piece in half.
That way the kabob skewers will lay flat against your plate.

To cut the bananas, make a slice down the middle of the banana. Then holding both cut sides together, cut about 1/2 inch pieces all the way down. This will give the bananas the same semi-circle look as the strawberries.

 now its time to make our flag!

-- stars & stripes --

the amount of skewers depends on the size of your plate. 
I used a regular size cookie sheet that fit about 10 skewers across. 

lets start with the blueberries

The blueberries are the easy part!
I used 6 blueberries per kabob & spaced them out evenly.
I then went back & cut some of my skewers in half & added 5 more smaller blueberry skewers to make the presentation a bit stronger . . . . . & because I'm a huge blueberry lover :)

Now, add your bananas & strawberries ! These will represent your stripes so make sure you are spacing evenly & keeping count of how many you are using on each kabob!
 It should look something like this :


 Now you are ready to make your stripes!

Continue with your strawberry, banana, strawberry, banana pattern & before you know it you will have a beautiful organic plate of delicious stars & stripes!

Now thats one good lookin flag.

Happy 4th Of July!


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