Sunday, July 8, 2012

Watercolor resist

ever wonder what to do with that poor old white crayon? the one that never gets used! Here's an awesome craft that is simple, relaxing & creative.

your white crayon will thank you.


-- materials --


white crayon



watercolor paper

glass of water

-- resist --

get your white crayon ready! 
in this project the crayon acts as a resisit, a coating that protects a surface during some sort of process, preventing the watercolor from touching it.


draw a design onto your paper using your crayon.
this may sound odd since you cant really see what you are drawing to well, but with the correct light angle, its easy!

here is mine up close


-- watercolor --

once you have completed your design its time for your watercolors.
have your glass of water handy!

i find it helpful to add water over the part of your design you are painting first before applying any watercolor.
this helps the color spread and gives it a more marbled look.

make sure to highly dilute your watercolors.

the wax from the crayon resists the diluted colors better

-- painting --

begin adding your paints to your diluted drawing.
here's where you can create marble affects by adding single drops of color at a time into the water droplets on your design

because we are diluting the colors, they may not be as bright as you would like.
let your watercolors dry a bit then go back and add more colors until desired hue.

if your water runs onto your wax at any point, take a corner of a napkin and let it soak up the access moisture. you can then go over your line again using your crayon.

create, create, create!


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