Friday, August 17, 2012

Shampoo Lovin'

Here is a simple & cost effective way to create your very own shampoo! 

One of the wonderful things about making your own shampoo is the variety of essentials oils to choose from & every batch is customized to your liking! 
Before we get going, here are some interesting facts about most modern shampoos.

- Most shampoos are made with formaldehyde which is often labeled as "quaternium-15." The FDA requires most products containing the chemical to show a warning label because it is a carcinogenic (cancer inducing), the shampoo industry however, is not required to show this label.

- Dandruff shampoos contain rescorcinol, which is easily absorbed in the scalp and can lead to unconsciousness & convulsions. Another commonly used "remedy" in dandruff shampoos is Coal tar. Yes, COAL TAR. If you are having problems with dandruff, try omega-3 oils. They will be much more effective in the long run, rather then a quick fix of tar.

These are just a few examples of what is not only "washing" your hair but also being released into your bloodstream through the pores on your scalp. I don't know about you, but I would like these chemicals to stay as far away from my body as possible, which is why I make this shampoo :)


-- 1/3 cup castille soap --

-- 1/4 cup coconut milk --

-- 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin e oil --

-- 15-20 drops of essential oils --

How to make it:

1) You can use store bought coconut milk or make your own. Here is a really helpful website that I used to create my own -- -- It will make much more then 1/4 cup of milk so feel free to double or triple the amount of ingredients listed above to make a larger batch of shampoo.

2) If you are using liquid castille soap, pour the amount needed into a bottle or bowl. If you are using a bar like I did, you will need to grate it! For those who dont know, Castille soap means that it is made with pure vegetable oil rather then animal fat. I recommend Dr. Bronner's Castille soap.

smells so good!

3) Combine all of the ingredients together & give it a good shake! Because my castille soap was peppermint scented, I did not add any essential oils. Some oils that work great in shampoo & have many healing properties are peppermint, lavender, rosemary & tea tree.

4) If you used a bowl to mix your ingredients, its now time to pour it into your shampoo bottle of choice! 

I used a sifter to remove an access coconut flakes from my homemade milk
It's as simple as that!
Its a wonderful feeling to really know what you are putting into your system. 
Now with every wash, you will be actually helping your body, not harming it.
So lets have some love for our shampoos! Your hair & scalp will thank you.


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